ASX Releases 2016

30/12/2016Appendix 3B
28/12/2016Weekly NTA
20/12/2016Appendix 3B
19/12/2016Weekly NTA
12/12/2016Weekly NTA
05/12/2016Weekly NTA
05/12/2016Appendix 3B
1/12/2016Monthly NTA - November 2016
28/11/2016Weekly NTA
28/11/2016Appendix 3B
25/11/2016Appendix 3B
24/11/2016Key Dates for 2017
23/11/2016Appendix 3B
21/11/2016Weekly NTA
18/11/2016Appendix 3B
15/11/2016Weekly NTA
11/11/2016Appendix 3Y
11/11/2016Appendix 3Y
11/11/2016Appendix 3B
8/11/2016Weekly NTA
7/11/2016Appendix 3Y
02/11/2016Monthly NTA - October 2016
1/11/2016Trading Policy
31/10/2016Weekly NTA
31/10/2016Appendix 3B
27/10/20162016 AGM - Results of Meeting
27/10/20162016 AGM - Chairmans Address & Portfolio Managers Comments
24/10/2016Weekly NTA
24/10/2016Update - Dividend/Distribution - MFF
18/10/2016Weekly NTA
17/10/2016Appendix 3B
17/10/20162016 AGM 27 October 2016 - Dial In Details
12/10/2016Appendix 3B
10/10/2016Weekly NTA
10/10/2016Appendix 3Y
10/10/2016Appendix 3B
04/10/2016Amended Monthly NTA - September 2016
04/10/2016Monthly NTA - September 2016
27/09/2016Appendix 3B
26/09/2016MFF - Notice of 2016 AGM incl. Notice
26/09/2016Notice of 2016 AGM
20/09/2016Weekly NTA
19/09/2016Appendix 3Y
16/09/2016Appendix 3B
13/09/2016Weekly NTA
09/09/2016Appendix 3Y
06/09/2016Weekly NTA
01/09/2016Monthly NTA - August 2016
31/08/2016Appendix 3B
30/08/2016Weekly NTA
29/08/2016Form 604
26/08/2016Appendix 3Y
23/08/2016Weekly NTA
19/08/2016Appendix 3Y
15/08/2016Weekly NTA
15/08/2016Appendix 3Y
15/08/2016Appendix 3B
10/08/2016Appendix 3B
09/08/2016Amended Appendix 4E
08/08/2016Appendix 3Y
08/08/2016Weekly NTA
02/08/2016Appendix 3B
02/08/2016Monthly NTA - July 2016
29/07/2016Appendix 3D - Changes relating to buy-back
29/07/2016Dividend/Distribution - MFF
29/07/2016Appendix 4E 2016 Full Year Results & Dividend
29/07/2016Appendix 4G - Corporate Governance Statement
26/07/2016Weekly NTA
21/07/2016Appendix 3B
19/07/2016Weekly NTA
12/07/2016Weekly NTA
05/07/2016Weekly NTA
01/07/2016Monthly NTA - June 2016
28/06/2016Weekly NTA
27/06/2016Change of Registered Office
21/06/2016Appendix 3B
21/06/2016Weekly NTA
17/06/2016Appendix 3Y
15/06/2016Weekly NTA
07/06/2016Weekly NTA
06/06/2016Appendix 3B
02/06/2016Monthly NTA - May 2016
31/05/2016Weekly NTA
24/05/2016Appendix 3Y - Andy Hogendijk
24/05/2016Appendix 3Y - Chris Mackay
24/05/2016Weekly NTA
20/05/2016Appendix 3B
17/05/2016Weekly NTA
16/05/2016Appendix 3B
10/05/2016Weekly NTA
06/05/2016Update - Dividend Distribution - MFF
06/05/2016DRP Price
03/05/2016Appendix 3B
03/05/2016Monthly NTA - April 2016
02/05/2016Appendix 3B
19/04/2016Appendix 3B
19/04/2016Weekly NTA
12/04/2016Weekly NTA
08/04/2016Appendix 3Y
08/04/2015Appendix 3B
05/04/2016Weekly NTA
01/04/2016Monthly NTA - March 2016
31/03/2016Appendix 3B
30/03/2016Weekly NTA
22/03/2016Weekly NTA
17/03/2016Appendix 3B
15/03/2016Weekly NTA
08/03/2016Weekly NTA
08/03/2016Appendix 3Y
03/03/2016Appendix 3B
02/03/2016Monthly NTA - February 2016
01/03/2016Weekly NTA
24/02/2016Appendix 3B
24/02/2016Appendix 3Y
23/02/2016Weekly NTA
17/02/2016Change of Director's Interest Notice - Andy Hogendijk
16/02/2016Weekly NTA
11/02/2016Appendix 3B
09/02/2016Weekly NTA
08/02/2016Dividend/ Distribution - MFF
05/02/2016Updated Dividend Reinvestment Plan Rules
05/02/2016Appendix 4D & 2016 Half Year Results
05/02/2016Key Dates for 2016
02/02/2016Monthly NTA - January 2016
01/02/2016Appendix 3B
25/01/2016Weekly NTA
19/01/2016Weekly NTA
13/01/2016Appendix 3B
12/01/2016Weekly NTA
05/01/2016Monthly NTA - December 2015