ASX Releases 2014

28/01/2015Weekly NTA
16/01/2015Appendix 3B
14/01/2015Appendix 3B
13/01/2015Weekly NTA
07/01/2015Appendix 3B
06/01/2015Weekly NTA
05/01/2015Monthly NTA - December 2014
30/12/2014Weekly NTA
23/12/2014Weekly NTA
22/12/2014Appendix 3B
16/12/2014Weekly NTA
09/12/2014Appendix 3B
09/12/2014Weekly NTA
02/12/2014Monthly NTA - November 2014
25/11/2014Weekly NTA
21/11/2014Appendix 3B
18/11/2014Change of Director's Interest Notice - Mr A Hogendijk
18/11/2014Change of Director's Interest Notice - Mr C Mackay
18/11/2014Weekly NTA
14/11/2014Appendix 3B
14/11/2014Payment of 2014 Final Dividend
11/11/2014Weekly NTA
04/11/2014Monthly NTA - October 2014
28/10/2014Weekly NTA
21/10/2014Weekly NTA
20/10/2014DRP Price
15/10/2014AGM - Results of Meeting
15/10/20142014 AGM-Chairman's Address and Portfolio Manager's Comments
14/10/2014Appendix 3B
14/10/2014Weekly NTA
13/10/20142014 AGM 15 October 2014 - Dial In Details
08/10/2014Weekly NTA
02/10/2014Monthly NTA - September 2014
30/09/2014Appendix 3B
30/09/2014Weekly NTA
16/09/2014Weekly NTA
15/09/2014Notice of 2014 AGM
12/09/2014Appendix 3B
12/09/2014Change of Director's Interest Notice - Mr C Mackay
09/09/2014Weekly NTA
02/09/2014Monthly NTA - August 2014
25/08/2014Weekly NTA
22/08/2014Change of Director's Interest Notice - Mr C Mackay
20/08/2014Appendix 3B
19/08/2014Weekly NTA
12/08/2014Weekly NTA
07/08/2014Changes Relating To Buy-Back - Appendix 3D
06/08/20142014 Full Year Results & Dividend
05/08/2014Weekly NTA
04/08/2014Monthly NTA - July 2014 (updated)
01/08/2014Appendix 3B
01/08/2014Monthly NTA - July 2014
29/07/2014Weekly NTA
22/07/2014Weekly NTA
15/07/2014Weekly NTA
08/07/2014Weekly NTA
02/07/2014Monthly NTA - June 2014
01/07/2014Weekly NTA
24/06/2014Weekly NTA
20/06/2014Appendix 3B
16/06/2014Weekly NTA
11/06/2014Appendix 3B
11/06/2014Weekly NTA
03/06/2014Monthly NTA - May 2014
30/05/2014Appendix 3B
27/05/2014Weekly NTA
20/05/2014Weekly NTA
19/05/2014Appendix 3B
19/05/2014Change of Director's Interest Notice - Mr C Mackay
19/05/2014Change of Director's Interest Notice - Mr A Hogendijk
16/05/2014Appendix 3B
13/05/2014Weekly NTA
07/05/2014DRP Price
06/05/2014Weekly NTA
02/05/2014Monthly NTA - April 2014
29/04/2014Weekly NTA
28/04/2014Appendix 3B
23/04/2014Appendix 3B
22/04/2014Weekly NTA
17/04/2014Change of Director's Interest Notice - Mr C Mackay
15/04/2014Weekly NTA
08/04/2014Weekly NTA
07/04/2014Appendix 3B
02/04/2014Monthly NTA - March 2014
01/04/2014Weekly NTA
25/03/2014Weekly NTA
21/03/2014Collection of Banking/DRP and TFN Information
20/03/2014Appointment of Company Secretary
19/03/2014Appendix 3B
18/03/2014Weekly NTA
11/03/2014Weekly NTA
04/03/2014Monthly NTA - February 2014
26/02/2014Appendix 3B
25/02/2014Weekly NTA
18/02/2014Weekly NTA
11/02/2014Weekly NTA
05/02/2014Appendix 4D & 2014 Half Year Results
05/02/2014Appendix 3B
04/02/2014Correction - Monthly NTA - January 2014
04/02/2014Monthly NTA - January 2014
29/01/2014Weekly NTA
21/01/2014Appendix 3B
21/01/2014Weekly NTA
14/01/2014Weekly NTA
07/01/2014Appendix 3B
07/01/2014Weekly NTA
03/01/2014Monthly NTA