ASX Releases 2010

05/01/2011Monthly NTA as 31 December 2010
30/12/2010Weekly NTA
24/12/2010MFF ASX Release - Trading Policy
21/12/2010Weekly NTA
14/12/2010Weekly NTA
07/12/2010Weekly NTA
02/12/2010Monthly NTA - November 2010
30/11/2010Weekly NTA
23/11/2010Weekly NTA
22/11/2010Form 484 - Cancellation of Buy-back Shares
16/11/2010Weekly NTA
11/11/2010Change of Director`s Interest Notice - Mr A. Hogendijk
09/11/2010Weekly NTA
02/11/2010Daily share buy-back notice - Appendix 3E
02/11/2010Monthly NTA
29/10/2010Results of Meeting
29/10/2010Daily share buy-back notice - Appendix 3E
29/10/2010AGM - Chairman`s Address and CIO`s Comments
28/10/2010Daily share buy-back notice - Appendix 3E
27/10/2010Daily share buy-back notice - Appendix 3E
26/10/2010Daily share buy-back notice - Appendix 3E
26/10/2010Weekly NTA
22/10/2010Amended Appendix 3E
22/10/2010Daily share buy-back notice - Appendix 3E
19/10/2010Weekly NTA
15/10/2010Change of Director`s Interest Notice - Mr C Mackay
12/10/2010Weekly NTA
06/10/2010Weekly NTA
01/10/2010Monthly NTA
28/09/2010Becoming a substantial holder
28/09/2010Weekly NTA
24/09/2010Notice of General Meeting and Proxy Form
24/09/20102010 Annual Report
21/09/2010Weekly NTA
16/09/2010Changes relating to buy-back - Appendix 3D
07/09/2010Weekly NTA
02/09/2010Monthly NTA
31/08/2010Weekly NTA
18/08/2010Appendix 4E, Annual Report and Financial Statements
10/08/2010Weekly NTA
03/08/2010Monthly NTA
27/07/2010Weekly NTA
22/07/2010On-Market Buy-Back Notification of Cancellation Shares
20/07/2010Weekly NTA
16/07/2010Change of Substantial Holdings from MFG as at 16 July 2010
15/07/2010Daily Share buy-back notice - Appendix 3E
13/07/2010Weekly NTA
06/07/2010Weekly NTA
02/07/2010Monthly NTA
29/06/2010Weekly NTA
22/06/2010Weekly NTA
16/06/2010Weekly NTA
08/06/2010Weekly NTA
02/06/2010Monthly NTA as at 31 May 2010
01/06/2010Weekly NTA
25/05/2010Weekly NTA
18/05/2010Weekly NTA
11/05/2010Weekly NTA
04/05/2010Monthly NTA as at 30 April 2010
28/04/2010Weekly NTA
20/04/2010Weekly NTA
13/04/2010Weekly NTA
6/04/2010Monthly NTA
30/03/2010Weekly NTA
29/03/2010Change of Director`s Interest Notice - Mr C Mackay
23/03/2010Weekly NTA
16/03/2010Weekly NTA
09/03/2010Weekly NTA
04/03/2010Daily share buy-back notice - Appendix 3E
02/03/2010Monthly NTA as at 26 February 2010
25/02/2010Half Yearly Investor Report
25/02/2010Half Year Financial Report
23/02/2010Weekly NTA
17/02/2010Daily share buy-back notice - Appendix 3E
16/02/2010Weekly NTA
09/02/2010Weekly NTA
02/02/2010Monthly NTA as at 29 January 2010
27/01/2010Weekly NTA
19/01/2010Weekly NTA
12/01/2010Weekly NTA
05/01/2010Monthly NTA as at 31 December 2009